Monday, March 22, 2010

What pisses me off is that she thinks she's always right, that I'm always wrong and that she is super selfish and makes me look bad because she knows I'm the better person and she wants people to think she is, just to boost her ego. What really pisses me off is that people want to be her friend because she's quiet, shy and because she's pretty and in the end they all get in trouble with her because she hates people anyway.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What really pisses me off is when an elderly person or a pregnant woman scowls at me for not offering them my seat. To all outward appearances, I am a healthy 21 year old woman, but what you can't see is that I suffer from crippling lower back pain. It is a disability and I need a seat too. Next time, don't be so quick to judge.
What really pissed me off is knowing we are perfect for each other and the fact that we have both liked and flirted with each other at different times for 3 years. Everybody sees its you, except you. Your what my status is about, my favorite quotes, my favorite movies. You dictate what I wear, and where I go. I leave lunch early to casually walk by your history class. It's pisses me off that I laugh at Taylor swifts love dogs and girls so head over heels for one boy.; thinkin I was so much better than that... I'm not. I'm just like you. I like you. Wish you saw it too.
What pisses me off? The fact that me and you can talk for hours till 4 or 5 in the morning. How you tell me things about you that I never would have guessed. How you make me feel better when I’m angry or sad. How seeing you on aim gets my heart beating. How talking to you makes my day go by better. How every day the only thing I look forward to is talking to you. How you think I’m funny and make you smile. How you notice when I’m not in a good mood just through texts. How I can’t get through the day without talking to you. How you’re the guy version of me. The main reason that this all pisses me off is that you have girlfriend and you know deep down that she isn’t good for you and takes advantage of you. You can talk shit about her all the time with me, but the next night you want me to help you write her a love poem and what pisses me off is the fact that I’m always there for you and I’ll always be there for you. What pisses me off the most is that I’m helplessly in love with you and I can’t tell you because I’m scared that I’ll lose what we have,

Monday, December 21, 2009

what pisses me off is when people are rude to me.... and are then shocked if i tell them it's unacceptable

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What really pisses me off is that people think saying "I love you" at the end of the day makes that parade of insults they bombarded you with earlier are suddenly insignificant.

They’re not.

Because at the end of the day, that person you verbally shoved down isn’t going to remember that you said sorry.
They’re going to remember that you told them that their dinner is going to go to their thighs. They’re going to remember that you reminded them they didn’t matter.

So no, “I love you” does not make it okay.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What really pisses me off is that my Mom asks me for money.

I've been on unemployment since March, raising a 4 year old alone, and manage to get by because I'm careful with my money and how it's spent. I've even managed to BUILD my credit during this time.

While she blows what little money her and Dad have and then asks me for help and laying guilt trips on me to do it.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

It really pisses me off when people use the wrong spelling of a word when writing.

Like using the word "break" when it should be "brake".


Their, There, They're

Too, Two

Had to point it out!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

You know what pisses me off ? That marriage has to be religious. Is a promise only legitimate if it's "blessed" or seen as "holy"? Declaring your love for someone doesn't have to have anything to do with God or Jesus, it can just be two people (heterosexual or homosexual) declaring to the world that they love each other so much that they are going to be with each other, and only each other, for the rest of their lives. And what legal rights do married couples have? Does that really matter when the love is so strong that they want the world to know it's real? Plenty of people who are married aren't religious, but they got married in a ceremony to show their love and share their happiness with others.
What really pisses me off are slow drivers, drivers who don't signal, and drivers who break when they don't have to. Pretty much bad drivers in general. To me it's relatively self explanatory to go at least what the speed limit is and to be considerate of other drivers. I do not get why some people cannot figure it out!!

**Note I work in an electronics department

1. When parents dump their children in our department. They tell them to watch the movie while they shop. The youngest kid that was dumped off was 3 THREE YEARS OLD. Why in this day and age would you leave your baby alone in a huge store unattended? There are a lot of sickos in this world. Not to mention that they trash the department and they hassles employees for things when we are busy.

2. What kind of parent would let their 9,8,7,6 year old buy and play Halo, Socom, Grand theft Auto, Gears of War, or any game that is intended for adults? How big of a moron are you? Parent of the year!

3.What Kind of parent come in to order photos on a Kodak Picture Kisok while their baby/small child is waiting in the cart? Ok I get doing a quick order but spending over an hour doing edits, adding text, removing red eye of your family vacation while your baby is screaming is not ok! There is a thing called the internet. Upload your photos online when your baby naps or sleeps at night.

4. Do not open packages of food to feed to you kids while shopping. That is called theft. You are eating something that you have not purchased. We know that 80 percent of you do not pay for the can of pringles you opened to shut your kid up. It's tacky, rude and once again let me stress it's theft.

5. Do not blow your nose and then hand the tissue to an employee and ask for a garbage. There are trash cans all over the store. Don't be gross

6. Just because you cannot get your way, don't be a dick to they employee. They are only doing their job. We do not go out of our way to make your day miserable. We cannot control when stuff sells out. We can not help it if our photo machines brake down. We are just trying to earn a paycheck to support our family, go to school or whatever. Do we go into your place and treat you like crap? nope! So show some respect and treat us like humans and not servants.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It really pisses me off when people complain about the lazy people on welfare. They obviously know nothing about how hard it is to apply for any type of aid, let alone disability payments. The system is absolutely ridiculous. And I'm not pissed off because I am on welfare - I never have been. I'm pissed off because I work in the system and see all of the people that come in and have genuine needs and STILL cannot get any help from the system. Even people who do receive help only have about 6 dollars a day to live on. You try to pay rent with that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You treated me like I was worth nothing. Still, I returned the watch you forgot at my place.
What Pisses me off, is that you weren't even man enough to say; thank you.
F 20
What really PISSES me off is when the losers in our society manufacture "problems" to collect disability and welfare just because they don't want to have a job. Guess what? I don't want to work either, but I'm not going to steal what isn't rightfully mine! Lazy assholes.

Monday, August 31, 2009

What really pisses me off is that I can't legally marry my amazingly wonderful partner. I have to refer to her as my girlfriend--I'm 25, this isn't high school--and we're considered legal strangers. What REALLY pisses me off is that I live in a backwards red state that will NEVER pass any sort of legislation to guarantee our relationship the same protections under the law as heterosexual married couples. What pisses me off even more is that people who won't allow my marriage can wed and divorce as they please, in 12 hours or less.
It really pisses me off when people don't offer their seat to pregnant women or old people on a full bus. Especially since I'm the pregnant woman at the moment!
Nothing pisses me off more than the way he acted today.
Not dropped off at Grandma's because it's easier for YOU!
Not have their father "visit" them at home! Yet you're going to try to keep them from me....
You're not man enough to be their father....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What really pisses me off is that my fellow student is behaving like a real good friend to me but when I am not around tries to bad-mouth me and presents himself as the best and the coolest to the teachers and other students. And what really pisses me off is that they are so stupid to believe him. I always thought these things happen only in films but this guy is really mentally sick. He had a job interview with the same company two days before me and when I had my interview I just knew by the line of questioning that he had taken his chance when the inteviewer told him that I was to see him too. What really really pisses me off is that I have no evidence to prove it and cannot touch him. My only reassurance is that time will tell...everybody, and he will go on his face and pay.
It pisses me off that the girl that blows the boss replaces me. It really pisses me off that if you try to mention it to them they say "You can't prove anything". It really fumes me that she took my perfect job and I got stuck working a dead end job for owners of a small buisness that are completely clueless. I'm stuck there untill the economy clears up or the whore gives my old boss an STD.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What pisses me off is when I'm having a great day and my best friend every time she's in a bad mood she brings me down too. She tells me depressing things about life or some other crap and somehow she always makes me unhappy. I hate that I let her do that to me. So I guess what pisses me off is myself, also.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Pisses Me Off Is The Fact You Were Cheating On Me And Didn't Even try To Hide It.What Pisses Me Off Is That I Can Still Forgive You
What pisses me off is how clueless you are about yourself. It pisses me off that after 2 years of f**king a girl, you decide you're not a lesbian. You said you made a mistake - a two f**king year mistake. What pisses me off is that you are SO much more gay than me. It pissed me off because at one point it hurt. It pissed me off because I tricked myself (or maybe it was you who tricked me) into believing you were strong. You're not strong. You're a clone. You have no idea who you are or what you believe in.
it really pisses me off that I had a miscarriage and my husband's little brother's HIGH SCHOOL girlfriend is having a baby the same month I was due... how is that fair...
What pisses me off is that you are too afraid to fight for me. What pisses me off is that you can't see that i love you. What really pisses me off is that i comment on blogs like these and write this shit because I know that you look for blogs of this general type and I even post the links on your facebook and you STILL don't pick up on it. God I love you.
What really pisses me off is that, one year later, I'm still not over you. To you, it might have just been one night of "fun" between two people who would later become good friends...but it was more than that to me. And it really pisses me off that you think that now, since we are just friends, I would be perfectly ok with you trying to date my best friend. I can't believe I wasted all of those tears on you.
my mom really pissed me off when she said "I'm proud if you get into same school like your cousin does". and when she said "don't use that tones ! i hate it!". i always trying to help everything at home but she never appreciate me or just say thanks. what really really piss me off is she always compares me with my sister, my cousin or my friends.
Drivers that don't stop at zebra crossings REALLY piss me off. The pedestrian is the one not using up precious fuel, why not show some courtesy?
It kinda pisses me off that we can talk for hours on end, and you tell me things no-one else knows about you, but you still won't give us a chance. It just pisses me off that you can't see that you belong with me; that I'm stuck in the zone of 'mates'. And that I know so much about you, but I still have to pretend it doesn't make me love you.
It pisses me off that I have to pretend that I don't love you; that I can't tell the world that you are quite possibly the most amazing guy I have ever met in my life.
What really pisses me off is when the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom is so high on the wall that all the water runs down your arm while you try to dispense the paper towel. Ugh.
what REALLY pisses me off is that my feelings posted on these sites mean more to random strangers than anyone i actually know.
What really pisses me off is that i'm jealous of you. Because you're good at EVERYTHING and you're smart and pretty, and i'm none of the above.
It really pisses me off that my grandma and brother don't sympathize at all with me when it comes to the subject of my cousin molesting me.My brother hangs out with him all the time. Things never changed once he found out... He acts like it's nothing. I never told anyone, not even my psychologist, that the first time my cousin tried to do it, his only failed attempt, my brother was in the room, high as hell. I don't want anyone to blame him, especially himself. I don't think he even knows he was there. I keep telling myself that he can't have known what was happening, but I honestly don't know.

and my grandma... She and I used to be so close before it happened... and I really wasn't expecting her to defend him. I understand that we're both her grandchildren and that she didn't want to pick sides, but she could have at least said nothing at all. Referencing something similar that happened to my mom as a child and telling me that what happened to me isn't as bad so I should be okay made everything worse.I'm hurting! It's been nearly ten years now, and what he did to me still affects me like you wouldn't believe! I love you guys, but sometimes it's so hard for me to deal with your reactions whenever the subject is brought up. If what you have to say just makes things worse, just keep your mouth shut!
What pisses me off? My sisters. My sisters who think it is ok to sleep with people who I am interested in, when I have made it VERY clear that I am interested. B!tches!25/f
What really pisses me off is that I didn't want to sleep with you...I didn't want to develop feelings for you. You know how to work it, you made me feel special, truth be told you led me on even though I don't let anyone tell me so. Its been nearly four months now, It pisses me off you talk about other girls, and text my best friends, it pisses me off that you've persuaded me to have a threesome that may just break me. Why am I not enough?It pisses me off that the reason I don't want to end whatever it is 'we' have is that I'm scared of a life without you, in a weird way you've become my best friend. What will i do without your house or car? I can't bare that thought. I miss you already. Things are changing and there's nothing I can do.. your in control. And THAT really pisses me off.
What pisses me off is how fake you are. What pisses me off is that you'd rather be getting f**ked up than spending time with me.What REALLY pisses me off is that I don't have the courage to leave you.What really pisses me off is myself -.-
It pisses me off that we seem to be so perfect for each other and that I'm afraid I have fallen for you.What makes me angry is that because you refuse to ever grow up even in the slightest and your music keeps you far from me, we could never develop a real relationship other than what we already have.I think I would feel better about being your f**k buddy if you just told me that is all that we are. Maybe then I wouldn't feel so bitter towards you and myself.F/18

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It pisses me off that you told me your destined to be alone. After all the sex we've had. After all the times you've hinted at a relationship. After all the times I've openly told you that I could be that girl. I've never been enough. But oh yeah, we can still have sex.

Thanks for asking me to find you other girls. Twice.

And just so you know, if you weren't the most amazing guy in bed I've ever been with, this would have stopped months ago.

You piss me off.
What really pisses me off is how we both feel the need to maintain this friendship, when in truth we're not the slightest bit interested in one another. Let's just call the whole thing off.

It really pisses me off is "road huggers" when I'm peacefully driving by my self (using cruise control of course) and drivers blitzkrieg up behind me and commence tail gating. It's like Why oh why would somebody come up on another driver going 20 mph slower than they are(the speed limit) on a multiple lane highway and then hang out on their bumper (and i wont even get into the blinding annoyance that occurs when this "road hugging" takes place at night) when they could just hop lanes and keep going on their merry way.
What really pisses me off is that, secretly, I can never get over you. You've never been and never will by my girlfriend; just my best friend. I love you.

what really pisses me off is...
how great you are.
how you can always make me luagh.
how perfect you are for me.
how you hold my hand.
how you are the dorkiest and cutiest boy a know.
how your smile is contagious.
how you know to make me feel safe.
how you led me on.
how you took my stupid nickname for you like a man.
how you made me feel like i could be me again...

the only reason why all your great qualities piss me that you don't want to be with me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What really pisses me off is how my best friend has a natural talent, but she doesn't enjoy this artform half as much as I do. And after every time we show it, my friends and family tell that I'm good, and then they start talking about how awesome she is at it. When my grandmother, who's never commented on my performance, started talking about it, I went home and cried myself to sleep. I love her and she is the best person I've ever met, but I hate the fact that she is better at everything than I am and that the guy I'm in love with is off-limits because of her. And it pisses me off that I'm crying and rewriting this so she will not understand it was me if she reads it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It pisses me off when the person you had feelings for, for years finally decides to reciprocate them. When I'm getting married to the man I love in 5 months. Too little too late.
I hate how we are right now after our relationship. We don't talk, and I don't know how to be around you anymore. You were the first boy I've ever utterly trusted and I miss us every day.
What really pisses me off is myself.
What really pisses me off is when people eat noisily!
It pisses me off when people pretend to understand what I've been through. When they pretend to understand what it feels like to lost your best friend and boyfriend to a drunk driving accident.
To see the idiot who killed the one person in my life I could always count on and hear him say "I'm sorry" and hope for forgiveness. To sit through a trial and watch that person get convicted but be faced with the knowledge that it doesn't change anything or make me feel any better.
To go to school and see the people that we both know, tiptoe around me. When people tell me that I'm young and will find someone else. I know that but please please please let me grieve.
So no, you don't understand and stop pretending like you do!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It really pisses me off when my mom freaks out on me. I joke about something, she screams, and eventually it leads to an argument about how I only love people who crap all over me. Even when I try to talk it out with her, she freaks out.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What really pisses me off is that you don't care that you ripped my life apart when you kicked me out of yours. That you walk by me as if you don't know me, that you screwed her a week after getting rid of me, and that you pretend that those ten months meant absolutely nothing to you.